Through creativity and forward thinking, Shotcrete Structures continually endeavors to develop and improve upon current Shotcrete applications and our Shotcrete services in Shotcrete and Concrete structures construction by using and developing the most advanced and innovative Shotcrete technology in todays market; therefore, setting new standards for superior Shotcrete / Concrete construction.

    Read below articles about some of our innovative shotcrete solutions and projects we’ve worked on.

    Revitalizing Hollywood & Vine

    Innovative engineering provides solutions to complex challenges. To help facilitate the schedule, shotcrete was used for all below-grade basement…

    Shotcrete Redefined

    Qualified contractors are using shotcrete for shear wall construction, seismic rehabilitation and strengthening, foundation wall construction…

    Notes From the Underground

    Hagy Belzberg’s powerful new home for L.A.’s Museum of the Holocaust takes visitors on an unforgettable journey beneath the surface.