Universal Studios | City of Hope | Century Plaza Towers

In order to help reduce project duration and provide needed VE options to their client, Rudolph & Sletten employed the services of Shotcrete Structures, in order to provide construction logic and viability options towards utilizing Shotcrete to construct new Concrete beams & columns to reinforce the existing parking structure decks; originally designed using CIP Concrete. Shotcrete Structures was able to successfully implement the utilization of Shotcrete in lieu of CIP Concrete to construct almost 1,000 LF of beams & columns and provided substantial time and cost savings; while still maintaining all of the structural & quality requirements of conventional concrete.

Binishell Construction

This video shows the basic construction sequence and potentials for Binishells Systems 4 and 6. Binishells are a new greener, faster, safer and more affordable way to build.