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    Universal Studios | City of Hope | Century Plaza Towers

    In order to help reduce project duration and provide needed VE options to their client, Rudolph & Sletten employed the services of Shotcrete Structures, in order to provide construction logic and viability options towards utilizing Shotcrete to construct new Concrete beams & columns to reinforce the existing parking structure decks; originally designed using CIP Concrete. Shotcrete Structures was able to successfully implement the utilization of Shotcrete in lieu of CIP Concrete to construct almost 1,000 LF of beams & columns and provided substantial time and cost savings; while still maintaining all of the structural & quality requirements of conventional concrete.

    Binishell Construction

    This video shows the basic construction sequence and potentials for Binishells Systems 4 and 6. Binishells are a new greener, faster, safer and more affordable way to build.

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    Shear Walls


    Shear Walls Innovation

    Reagan Library

    In an effort to reduce project duration and provide VE cost savings, SSI proposed and successfully installed over 15,000 SF of 1 sided forms and then placed over 600cyds of 5,000psi Shotcrete to construct the perimeter shear walls for the new Air Force One exhibit at the Reagan Library. All walls were finished with a Steel Trowel and emulated a Class A Concrete finish in half the time and substantial cost savings. Note the #11 rebar in the columns. Pictures( right top) shows 1 sided form and rebar; (right below) shows the finished product.

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